• What is the International Track?

    The International Track is an optional course offered in different undergraduate programmes in Human Sciences. It runs over two semesters and is composed of two teaching units.

    It is aimed at students studying anthropology, education, psychology, sociology, sport sciences at the University of Bordeaux who have returned from a period of study abroad, who wish in the future to study abroad or simply wish to have an international experience at home. It is open to local students and international students.

    The International Track is a project-based course aimed at developing intercultural awareness. It has a dual objective: to develop your communication skills for studying in an international context, to develop your skills in human science methodology. The course is entirely taught in English, jointly run by English for specific purposes teachers and psychology and sociology lecturers.

    This course explores the theme of diversity in its broadest sense: diversity in schools, social diversity, narratives of diversity, diversity in the workplace, diversity of practices, cultural diversity, diversity and institutions, diversity policies etc. Students participating in the course work collaboratively on projects to produce multimedia content that draws on themes relating to diversity and compares international contexts, issues and perspectives.

    The course runs on Thursday afternoons at the Victoire (15h30-17h30).

    minimum entry level of B1 in English is required to follow this course.

    Learning Objectives

    UE Communication interculturelle — Sem 1 — 3 ECTS (20h)

    A la fin de cette formation les apprenants seront capables de...

    • développer leur sensibilité culturelle et ouverture sur le monde,
    • débattre de la diversité culturelle dans des contextes interdisciplinaires où l’anglais est la langue véhiculaire (lingua franca),
    • collaborer en groupe international à la conception et réalisation de contenus multimédias.

    UE Tutorat de projet interculturel — Sem 2 — 3 ECTS (20h)

    A la fin de cette formation les apprenants seront capables...

    • de débattre en anglais des différences entre pays sur des enjeux et réalités sociales contemporaines
    • d’identifier et de synthétiser les apports des ressources disciplinaires en anglais portant sur ces enjeux
    • de produire en sous-groupe international un contenu multimédia en anglais portant sur l’enjeux identifié 

    For further information, contact:

    • Learning agreements, international students : chystel.lartigau@u-bordeaux.fr (secretary)
    • Semester 1: laura.hoskins@u-bordeaux.fr (Language and Culture) and thibault.marthouret@u-bordeaux.fr (Language and Culture)
    • Semester 2: camille.brisset@u-bordeaux.fr (Psychology) and claire.schiff@u-bordeaux.fr (Sociology)

    How do I enrol?

    1. Complete the pre-enrolment questionnaire: 


    2. Send your proof of language proficiency to espacelangues.victoire@u-bordeaux.fr or make a request to take the Oxford Online English test if you do not have proof of proficiency.